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-Consultores De Justicia Internacional Asocidos- Ciudad de Mexico D.F. 

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Criminal Justice International Associates (CJIA) is a “global threat mitigation” firm.

CJIA performs, consults, and instructs strategic and proactive measures in international operational security (OPSEC).

This includes threat/ vulnerability assessments; countering terrorism and other transnational organized criminal threats; as well as international border security evaluations/ issues.

CJIA has a unique expertise in domestic and international policing transition into confronting transnational organized crime/ narcoterrorism, and countering associated international threats to global police, gendarmerie/ military, corporate infrastructure, and other operational security readiness entities.

CJIA has an international expertise in identifying “intelligence- applied tradecraft issues” in targeting organizations/ locations. Issues of surveillance detection, attack recognition, route analysis, preparation of threat matrices, and related security/ espionage tradecraft are introduced- and/ or targeted.

Intelligence and counterintelligence strategies and assessments are of paramount concern during these operational readiness evaluations/ audits.

CJIA possesses exceptional tenured sophistication in assessing domestic and international policing infrastructure and operational efficiency evaluations. This includes an expertise in management/ administration; leadership; training, and evaluating the investigative and tactical direction in major cases, that also include death/ homicide/ cold case and serial crimes; and the direction in confronting complex criminal insurgent/transnational groups.

To contact us: + 1 703.268.4453

jbrewer@cjiausa.us  and   jbrewer@cjiausa.org 


Presentación CJIA MX 032819.pptx

-Consultores De Justicia Internacional Asocidos- Ciudad de Mexico D.F.- 

CJIA MX consult presentation Pres Ejecu. CJIA MX 120819.pdf

aserrano@cjiausa.org        vcarles@cjiausa.org

About Us
We remain focused on the identification of trends, capabilities, intentions, and  tactics/strategies based on threat indicators involving hostile force(s)/groups and other adversaries.   Complex training is conducted/designed, within a situational awareness environment, with a specialization in applying an advanced and strategic international law enforcement perspective to the execution of counter criminal/counterinsurgency, narcoterrorism; and countering intelligence-applied “tradecraft” issues.  We are also consultants on the investigative direction, attack, and  neutralization of complex criminal and insurgent/terrorist groups. 

Major overseas assignments have included operations (among others) in Sarajevo, Bosnia; Amman, Jordan; Athens, Greece; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Khartoum, Sudan; and Tokyo, Japan, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel; Beirut, Lebanon; Kuwait; Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt; Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan; Pristina, Kosovo; Jakarta, Indonesia; Ulaan Bator, Mongolia; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Abuja, Nigeria; Niamey, Niger; Rwanda and Burundi; Bahrain; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Caracas, Venezuela; La Paz, Bolivia; and cities in Mexico. 



-Assessing  the efficiency and technical competency of domestic and international policing services and providing comprehensive reporting and recommendations to support jurisdictional authority/oversight,  and organizational requirements- as well as  operational and budgetary efficiencies and training/professional needs and development.

Jerry E. Brewer, Sr. 
Over 30 years of professional management/leadership experience in the field of Criminal Justice, both within government and private sector venues. Fifteen (15) years as CHIEF OF POLICE- three (3) U.S. states. U.S. CONGRESSIONAL AND STATE SENATE AND HOUSE honors.
SENIOR INTERNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST/ consultant.   U.S. Government counterterrorism specialist.    Well-documented and consistent record of crime reduction and strategic team building; including cost-efficient and exceptional service delivery to culturally diverse populations and major violent crime corridors and U.S. border region; with  
extensive service to Latin America and the Middle East as an intelligence community operative.  Bilingual- Full professional  fluency- Spanish- non-native.  Published author/ international columnist. Published archives: (www.scribd.com/jbrewer31 


The Houston Chronicle; San Diego Tribune; The Miami Herald; Dallas Morning News; The Chattanooga Times; The Austin Statesman; The Sacramento Bee; The Arizona Daily Star; The Taiwan News; Argentina Star; Palm Springs Desert Sun; The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; The Bogota Post; The Providence Journal; Monterrey County Herald; Primeiro Tempo Brasil; The Birmingham Star; The Paris Guardian; Maine Sunday Telegram; The Havana Journal; Fort Worth Star Telegram; Watertown New York Daily; The Augusta Chronicle; The Salt Lake Tribune; The London Mercury; Honduras Weekly; Trinidad Times, Jamaican Times. 

Honors & Awards 
United States Congressional and State Senate/House Honors, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for: “…bravery and salient actions; quick and unflinching response, and exemplary citizenship he has manifested in going above and beyond the call of duty to assure the safety of others.”
Multi-state COURT CERTIFIED EXPERT WITNESS on complex issues.:
Consultant and Court certified Expert Witness in Major Case Incident Command, Police Liability/ Use Of Force; Police Management/Leadership;  Police Procedures; Major Case/Criminal Investigation Management; Death/Homicide/Cold Case, and Intelligence-led policing.
Northern Virginia: (1) 703.268.4453





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The John Dayl Radio Show. KFNX am radio 1100, Phoenix, Arizona. 08-12-05 and 09-08-05. 
●The Today Show. NBC, with Matt Lauer. 03-2000.
●The Early Show. CBS, with Bryant Gumbel. 03-2000 
●Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN). 04-2000 
●Univision/Telemundo. Spanish International Network. With Maria Celeste. 1993 (Cipriano Ramirez-Sanchez case/killing) 
●"Good Day," with Rebecca Randall. Orlando FOX affiliate. Various appearances 1991 and 1992.

* Extensive "local" media interviews (print and electronic) and appearances nationwide (1983-2000) (clips available).

Cuban Espionage Continues to be a Threat to the Americas-


The new 'police recruits' in Latin America: SoldiersThe Christian Science Monitor- 02/08/2014- Jerry Brewer interviewed. http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Americas/2014/0208/The-new-police-recruits-in-Latin-America-soldiers


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Sun Journal- Lewiston/Auburn Maine 01/15/2006

* Comprehensive published material (domestic and international) archived at:  http://www.scribd.com/jbrewer31http://cjiausa.wordpress.com, and www.mexidata.info   



Presentación CJIA MX 032819.pptx

-Consultores De Justicia Internacional Asocidos- Ciudad de Mexico D.F.- 

CJIA MX consult presentation Pres Ejecu. CJIA MX 120819.pdf 

aserrano@cjiausa.org         vcarles@cjiausa.org

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