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-Consultores/ entrenamiento   de  Justicia   Penal-    Internacional   Asociados- Ciudad de Mexico D.F

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CJIA has a unique and strategic expertise in domestic and international policing transition into confronting transnational organized crime/ narcoterrorism, and countering associated international threats to global police, gendarmerie/ military, corporate infrastructure, and other operational security readiness entities. 


CJIA consults and conducts comprehensive independent full service operational efficiency and audit studies, that are uniquely tailored to specific demands and necessities.  Use of Force and policy and procedures scrutiny that can lead to  criminal and civil liability are surgically evaluated and analyzed for legal content and applicability to professional standards. The mission is to ensure a proactively efficient, cost effective, and accountable working and service environment.  

CJIA possesses exceptional tenured sophistication in assessing domestic and international policing infrastructure and operational efficiency evaluations. This includes an expertise in management/ administration; leadership; training, and evaluating the investigative and tactical direction in major cases, that also include death/ homicide/ cold case and serial crimes; and the direction in confronting complex criminal insurgent/transnational groups.

CJIA performs, consults, and instructs strategic and proactive measures in international operational security (OPSEC).

This includes threat/ vulnerability assessments; countering terrorism and other transnational organized criminal threats; as well as international border security studies/ evaluations/ and mitigating issues.

CJIA has an international expertise in identifying “intelligence- applied tradecraft issues” in targeting organizations/ locations. Issues of surveillance detection, attack recognition, route analysis, preparation of threat matrices, and related security/ espionage tradecraft are introduced- and/ or targeted.

Intelligence and counterintelligence strategies and assessments; including Tradecraft (and countering) issues - are of paramount concern during these operational readiness evaluations/ audits.

To contact us: + 1 703.268.4453

jbrewer@cjiausa.us  and   jbrewer@cjiausa.org 


Presentación CJIA MX 032819.pptx

-Consultores De Justicia Internacional Asocidos- Ciudad de Mexico D.F.- 

CJIA MX consult presentation Pres Ejecu. CJIA MX 120819.pdf

aserrano@cjiausa.org        vcarles@cjiausa.org

About Us
We remain focused on the identification of trends, capabilities, intentions, and  tactics/ strategies based on threat indicators involving hostile force(s)/groups and other adversaries.   Complex training is designed/ conducted within a situational awareness environment, with a specialization in applying an advanced and strategic international law enforcement perspective to the execution of counter criminal/ transnational, counterinsurgency, narcoterrorism; and countering intelligence-applied “tradecraft” issues.  We are also consultants and trainers on the investigative direction, attack, and  neutralization of complex criminal and insurgent/ terror groups. 

Major overseas assignments have included operations (among others) in Sarajevo, Bosnia; Amman, Jordan; Athens, Greece; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Khartoum, Sudan; and Tokyo, Japan, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel; Beirut, Lebanon; Kuwait; Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt; Karachi, Peshawar, Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan; Pristina, Kosovo; Jakarta, Indonesia; Ulaan Bator, Mongolia; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Abuja, Nigeria; Niamey, Niger; Rwanda and Burundi; Bahrain; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Caracas, Venezuela; La Paz, Bolivia; and cities in Mexico. 



-Assessing  the efficiency and technical competency of domestic and international policing services and providing comprehensive reporting and recommendations to support jurisdictional authority/oversight,  and organizational requirements- as well as  operational and budgetary efficiencies and training/professional needs and development.

Jerry  E. Brewer,  Sr. 

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Over 30 years of professional management/leadership experience in the field of Criminal Justice, both within government and private sector venues. Fifteen (15) years as CHIEF OF POLICE- three (3) U.S. states. 

U.S. CONGRESSIONAL  and  STATE  SENATE  AND  HOUSE  honors for "Uncommon Restraint."

SENIOR INTERNATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT consultant/ analyst.   U.S. Government counterterrorism specialist.    Well-documented and consistent record of crime reduction and strategic team building; including cost-efficient and exceptional service delivery to culturally diverse populations and major violent crime corridors and U.S. border region.  

Extensive operational service to Latin America and the Middle East as an intelligence community operative.  Bilingual- full professional  fluency- Spanish- non-native.  Published author/ international columnist.
Published archives: (www.scribd.com/jbrewer31 


The Houston Chronicle; San Diego Tribune; The Miami Herald; Dallas Morning News; The Chattanooga Times; The Austin Statesman; The Sacramento Bee; The Arizona Daily Star; The Taiwan News; Argentina Star; Palm Springs Desert Sun; The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel; The Bogota Post; The Providence Journal; Monterrey County Herald; Primeiro Tempo Brasil; The Birmingham Star; The Paris Guardian; Maine Sunday Telegram; The Havana Journal; Fort Worth Star Telegram; Watertown New York Daily; The Augusta Chronicle; The Salt Lake Tribune; The London Mercury; Honduras Weekly; Trinidad Times, Jamaican Times. 


Multi-state  COURT   QUALIFIED/   CERTIFIED  EXPERT  WITNESS   (Plaintiff / Prosecution and  Defense)  on  complex  POLICE  issues:
Major Case/ Criminal Investigation and management; Death/ Homicide/ Cold Case.   USE OF FORCE/ police liability,   Major Case Incident Command; Police Management/ Leadership;  Police procedures/ policies evaluation and construction;  and  Intelligence-led policing. 
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*The Today Show. NBC, with Matt Lauer.       03-2000.
*The Early Show. CBS, with Bryant Gumbel. 03-2000 
     *Law Enforcement Television Network (LETN). 04-2000 

*Univision/Telemundo. Spanish International Network. With Maria Celeste. 1993 (Cipriano Ramirez-Sanchez case/ killing

* "Good Day," with Rebecca Randall. Orlando FOX affiliate. Various appearances 1991 and 1992.

* Extensive "local" media interviews (print and electronic) and appearances nationwide (1983-2000) (clips available).

Cuban Espionage Continues to be a Threat to the Americas-


The new 'police recruits' in Latin America: SoldiersThe Christian Science Monitor- 02/08/2014- Jerry Brewer interviewed. http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Americas/2014/0208/The-new-police-recruits-in-Latin-America-soldiers


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Sun Journal- Lewiston/Auburn Maine 01/15/2006

* Comprehensive published material (domestic and international) archived at:  http://www.scribd.com/jbrewer31http://cjiausa.wordpress.com, and www.mexidata.info   



Presentación CJIA MX 032819.pptx

-Consultores De Justicia Internacional Asocidos- Ciudad de Mexico D.F.- 

CJIA MX consult presentation Pres Ejecu. CJIA MX 120819.pdf 

aserrano@cjiausa.org         vcarles@cjiausa.org

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